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We are a group of creators. Just like you. We are driven by innovation, product design, and passion. We are Aggies Create.

Are you self-driven? Do you see the potential to innovate everywhere you go and in everything you see?


Aggies Create is a student-led organization at Texas A&M University geared towards giving students the means and opportunities to express and embrace their inner creativity through product design and development. Our belief is that anyone who has passion, regardless of experience, has the right to projects and experiences that would help them grow in the fields they love most. We serve to give Aggies real-world experience through our partnerships with a variety of engineering/product design companies, in-house projects that focus on reimagining everyday items, as well as national to international competitions pushing the limits of innovation. If your goal is to build products of your own given design challenges, then our goal is yours. 


As a student-led consultancy organization, we aim to provide the highest quality product design services we can. Through our partnerships with various and diverse engineering companies, our goal is to provide students with real-life projects and experiences that will help them prepare for the real world. 

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Our Origins

We saw a need at Texas A&M.


A vast untapped potential in the form of students that just want a chance. Everyone has ideas, but few have the means and environment to see those ideas become something tangible. We want to bring this out and show off the inner potential of those who want it enough. We created this organization because we remember how much we desired that chance and we want to see it for others. 

This is why we do not focus on experience to join, we welcome all. 

Our group is focused on product development and design, which can take two forms. Students have the ability to team up and come up with product redesigns and design challenges on their own accord, or they can participate in consulting for companies that want solutions to their existing engineering/product-design challenges. Either way, we want to use our organization to bring out the best in students, and tap into this need at Texas A&M University. Regardless of how much background or experience you have, if you are passionate about what you do, we would love to hear more from you. We also want to give our students relevant experience in the fields they are most interested in, to aid with internship and career opportunities for their futures. 

Our design philosophy is centered on non-traditional, innovative thinking. One of our biggest inspirations for our organizational culture is IDEO, one of the biggest design consultancy firms in the world, that started in Silicon Valley. Want to learn more about why Aggies Create exists? Watch this video. 

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