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One of our missions is to provide real-life engineering experience to our members through working with businesses directly. We provide free of charge consulting on any engineering products. If you see a potential for us to help you out, we would love to hear more from you.  

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Leviathan Air


Argo Design


HP Tech


Product Design

One of our founding principles is product redesign. We look at everyday products and think of how we can completely reimagine them. A notebook, a wallet, a pen - all items we use and don't think twice about in our daily lives. We use design philosophies such as empathy, ideation, and a developed design process for crafting more ideal solutions to products that have been commonplace for years. If there are existing products that your company wants to reimagine, we want to help. 


Our students love working with their hands, we are builders by nature. Most of our students have experience with, and are passionate about modeling and developing prototype designs. Prototyping is the fruit of ideation and represents a vision. Whether it is through Additive manufacturing, CAD modeling, or even getting our hands on a CNC machine, we want to take products you want to be developed and make them a physical product. 

App/Web/Software Development 

Software is a necessity for all industries. From predictive machine learning tools for build processes to a breath-taking website that represents the face of your company - we want in on all of it.  Our software solutions and software division are a committed part of our organization, involving its own structure. We have experience in HTML, Pearl, C++, Java, Android Studio, Python, and are continuing to build skills in AWS and Azure.  On top of the fundamental coding skills, we are continuing to build our graphic design division designing apps and aesthetic products.

Testing Analysis and Documentation

For creating products, there is an extreme value on recreating results and providing specifications for suppliers to build products that are up-to-spec. When we make solutions, we also are committed to creating in-depth documentation detailing specifics of our products, as well as working with clients to create documentation for their pre-existing products. With prototype designs, extensive testing must be done for validating a certain solution. We conduct testing, as well as analyze data to extend the reliability and feasibility of our solutions. 

What We Create

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